117 Drummond St.

Carlton, VIC. 3053


T: 0400553859

Commissioned Works

"My wife got this portrait done as a surprise birthday gift. When I saw it for the first time, it took my breath away!"


Andrew R.

"Just love it!... Peter is a very talented artist."


Judy K.

"Peter certainly captured something - especially in the eyes. He's a delight to work with."


Helen H.

"I wanted a portrait of my family (all six of us) for a specific wall in our family room. Peter's six-panel solution was so clever and creative!"


Judy K.

"My husband usually hates portraits, but he loved this one! Very 'Andy Warhol' he said.

A great success. Thanks Peter!"


Dagmar L.

Peter has produced numerous commissioned works for clients. He specialises in large portraits, typically 1 meter square. He usually works from photographs, which he often takes himself. See a selection of his commissioned work below and read his clients' comments.

Identigram  #7 (Detail)

Acrylic and Mixed media on canvas

"The day after I received this wonderful present, I discovered so many more layers in the painting! I was so impressed. Just love it!


David S. 

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