117 Drummond St.

Carlton, VIC. 3053


T: 0400553859

Artist's Statement

I have always drawn and painted. Since I was a young child.


When I took up painting seriously, after a long and successful career as a psychologist, I was initially drawn to portraiture. Sort of makes sense, doesn't it? The ex-psychologist likes to paint people!



I was always only interested in the face, not the body or where the body was located in time and space. The face, for me, was all that I needed to be able to capture the range of emotions and characteristics that I was concerned with. For a long time, I painted 'close ups'.


I started to play around with different formats a few years ago, exploring in particular the addition of other elements into the work: geometric shapes, random marks, expressionistic blobs and smears of paint. I was interested in trying to create new ways of composing portraits. I tried to find a new language for communicating identity.

"Boys", Acrylic on canvas

Most recently, I have decided to leave portraiture for a while. In fact, like many formerly figurative painters, I have chosen to venture into abstraction. I want too see if I can find a way of communicating that is not dependent on representation in the traditional sense.


The journey continues....

"Abstract Dyptic #4", Acrylic on canvas
"Cardinal Emotions #15", Mixed media on paper

Abstract #7 (Detail)

Acrylic and Mixed media on canvas

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