117 Drummond St.

Carlton, VIC. 3053


T: 0400553859

Identigram #7 (Detail)

Acrylic on canvas

About Peter

Peter initially trained as a psychologist. He later studied Interior Design at RMIT and is currently completing a Diploma of Fine Art.


He has had numerous group and solo exhibitions.


He has also won multiple national and international awards.

"I have always drawn and painted. Since I was a young child."
View a selection of Peter's works from the last 5 years.
"Everyone who sees this painting of me feels that Peter really captured the essence of my personality." 
Andrea Gery, Melbourne 2015
'Helen', Acrylic on canvas
1st Prize, ‘Visages’ contest 2013
Commissioned work, Acrylic on canvas
'Dagmar', Acrylic on canvas
3d Prize, ‘Visages’ contest 2013

"Very dynamic          work!"


Janine Good

Artist and Judge

(Visages Portrait Competition)

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